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Technically, Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water got its start thousands of years ago when the northern U.S. was covered in ice. As glaciers melted over time, they deposited thick sand and gravel aquifers, which naturally filter the groundwater. In some cases, this water flowed to the surface to create, you guessed it, natural springs — springs we carefully selected as the sources of our fresh-tasting drinking water.

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Straight To The Source


The vast majority of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water comes from three carefully selected spring sources in Michigan. But we also source our fresh-tasting water from other states and selected springs in and around America’s heartland: Sanctuary Spring in Rodney, MI; Evart Springs in Evart, MI; White Pine Springs in Evart, MI, Fontus Springs in Spencer, Indiana; Frontier Springs in New Tripoli, PA, Bangor, PA, Hegins, PA, South Coventry, PA, Pine Grove, PA, Newmanstown, PA, and Oakland, MD; Ruby Mountain in Chaffee County, CO; Stoney Creek Springs in Urbana, OH; Walnut Grove Springs in Bloomfield, IN*

Did you know? 95% of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is sourced from three natural springs in the heart of Michigan?

Our bottling facility in Stanwood, MI, earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Approximately 90% of water bottled in Stanwood is shipped to our neighbors in the Great Lakes States.

What Is Spring Water Anyway?

Great question. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA): “Spring Water is water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.” To be able to label our product as “spring water,” we have to satisfy stringent standards — standards we proudly meet or exceed. That’s why every bottle of Ice Mountain® Brand Natural Spring Water is labeled as 100% natural.

A Matter Of Quality

We take the quality of our water seriously. That’s why every bottle of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring water goes through a 10-step quality process (told you we don’t mess around). From source selection to micro-filtration to packaging control, we uphold high standards for freshness sip after sip. Read our quality report to learn more.

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Sustainability Naturally

Fun fact: every bottle of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is recyclable — even our 3- and 5-gallon refillable bottles. After they’re returned to us, they’re washed, sanitized and refilled more than 20 times before getting recycled. Just one way we’re doing our part for our planet. For more information about recycling bottled water, visit how2Recycle.info

Committed To Michigan

The vast majority of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water comes from Michigan, and we are proud to turn a renewable resource into jobs and economic investment for the state. Today, with 280 full-time employees, we’re committed to sustainably managing our spring sources, supporting community efforts and volunteering with our neighbors.

How Do We Support Our Neighbors

When people need us, we’re ready. We’re committed to Flint residents, and together with one of our sister bottled water brands we’ve pledged over 1.6M bottles of water to Flint schools and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. We’ve also partnered with Keep America Beautiful to establish recycling infrastructure and education for Flint schools. This is in addition to 200K+ bottles donated to Michigan fire departments, food banks, senior groups and communities in need. And we support environmental education through Michigan Project WET in addition to participating in cleanups along state rivers and highways.

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