The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines spring water as “water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth”.  The FDA sets stringent national standards for what qualifies as “spring water”- standards that Ice Mountain® consistently meets or exceeds.  To view the FDA requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations, please see: CFR-Title 21.

We don’t have an expiration date on our bottles — just a “Best By” date. To figure out the “Best By” date, find the letters “BB” one inch above or below the label (depending on where your bottle was made).

Ice Mountain® Brand products have the following “Best By” dates:

  • Sparkling 1.0L PET: 12 months from manufacturing date
  • Sparkling 0.5L PET: 9 months from manufacturing date
  • Still (non-carbonated): 18 months from manufacturing date.

We have a detailed water quality report that is publically available and updated annually. When it comes to our water, we’re all about transparency. We keep our bottled water quality reports (based on independent testing from certified labs) ready and available to read at your leisure.

Yes, Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water is safe. We go through a step-by-step process (10 steps to be exact) to provide an all-around great product. Check out our Water Quality Report and see how we keep our water high-quality from spring to sip.

Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water can range in pH level from 7.9-8.1 at the time of bottling. Our bottled spring water comes from carefully selected spring sources, so its pH level may differ from bottle to bottle. You can download our Water Quality Report to identify the pH range that we typically see from the various spring sources.  Learn more about Ice Mountain spring sources.

There are quite a few benefits, but to save time, we’ll share our favorite: Natural spring water comes from the earth, which means it has naturally occurring minerals that are unique to the individual source. That’s what gives it that fresh taste we all love so much.

No — we do not sell fluoridated water. You can learn more about our water straight from our water quality report 

Ice Mountain brand offers 100% Natural Spring Water, sparkling water, and distilled water products. Our distilled water is meant for use in small appliances and is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon bottles.

No, Ice Mountain is 100% Natural Spring Water. Spring water comes from naturally occurring springs that flow to the earth’s surface. Ice Mountain is filtered naturally and goes through a 10-step quality process to ensure the best quality and crisp refreshing taste.  Purified water, on the other hand, can come from municipal, well or spring water supplies. The water undergoes reverse osmosis before we add minerals back for consistent taste).

No, Ice Mountain is 100% Natural Spring Water. Spring water comes from naturally occurring springs that flow to the earth’s surface. 

Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water is filtered naturally when it’s drained through soil and rock as well as it goes through a 10-step quality process including filtering to ensure the best quality and crisp refreshing taste.


All Ice Mountain bottles are made from either PET or rPET plastic and comply with FDA regulations.  

Yes — nearly ALL of our water bottles are recyclable! And when our 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles are returned to us, we wash, sanitize and refill them 7-30 times (that’s a lot, we know). At the end of all that, we recycle them one last time. To join the (almost) never-ending cycle, visit how2Recycle.info to see how and where to recycle in your community.

What a great question — we’re so happy you asked! Did you know that plastic water bottles can be recycled and made into clothing, benches, toys, carpet — even another water bottle?  Recycling plastic water bottles is simple — simply empty the bottle, replace the cap and put it in a recycling bin. If your community collects recyclables, you may be able to put your empty water bottles out for collection. If not, go to how2Recycle.info to find a recycling location.

It might be surprising to hear that bottled water has among the lowest environmental footprint of all other packaged beverages. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working to make that impact smaller. We’ve reduced the amount of PET plastic in our half-liter bottles by 42% since 2005. But the most important step when drinking from a plastic water bottle is to make sure you recycle it.  Doing right by the environment is important to us. That’s one of the reasons why we constructed our bottling facility the way we did in Stanwood, Michigan. It was one of the first food and beverage manufacturing buildings in the US to earn the Green Building Council’s LEED Certification.

Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water comes in a variety of sizes and bottles ranging from 8 fl oz to 5 gallons. Take a look at our full range of products to match your needs.

Ice Mountain's most popular size is our half liter bottle which contains 16.9 fl oz. Take a look at our product sizes to match your needs. 


Ice Mountain Brand 100% Natural Spring Water comes from carefully selected spring sources in several states, with most water sourced from Michigan. To get the full story on the water we all love, read more about our springs

No, we have never sourced water in or near Flint. We source water from three springs in the Muskegon River watershed, about 120 miles away from Flint. However we are deeply concerned about the health and safety of Flint residents, which is why, along with one of our sister bottled water brands, we pledged 1.5 million bottles of water to Flint schools, and have partnered with Keep America Beautiful to help install infrastructure and raise awareness supporting recycling in Flint schools.

As our business grows, yes we are hoping to expand in Michigan. In 2017, we invested $37 million to expand our bottling facility in Stanwood, Michigan. And we have applied to the state for an increase in water production from one of our existing spring sources. You can learn more about our operations in Michigan here. 

Absolutely. The FDA’s regulations for bottled water are just as strict as the EPA’s regulations for tap water, if not stricter. To us, better standards mean a more fresh-tasting water, so we also test each bottling line more than 250 times a year. (If you think that’s meticulous, you should check out our quality reports.

We just knew you would ask this one. You won’t find Ice Mountain on a globe or a map. That’s because it only exists ... in our hearts. Our name was inspired by the glaciers that once covered the northern US. Just close your eyes and you’ll feel as if you’re standing on the peak of a magnificent mountaintop.


We’re glad you’d like to get involved. Send your sponsorship or donation request here. As a note, we can only consider proposals 45 days in advance of your opportunity. The earlier you send it, the earlier we can respond to your request. Also, please keep in mind that we receive hundreds of requests for support each year and although we’d like to fund each one, that just isn’t possible.

Deals do come around every once in a while to help our fans stay refreshed. Be sure to keep an eye out for local circulars and on store shelves.

Don’t feel like going to the store? We don’t blame you! Just hop on over to ReadyRefresh™ (our convenient delivery service) or give us a ring at: 1-888-771-4943 to learn if you’re in our delivery area. Then it’s as easy as walking to your front porch.

Ice Mountain's products are conveniently available online or at a retailer near you. Explore where to buy Ice Mountain's products to learn more. 

You can get Ice Mountain's 5-gallon water jugs delivered straight to your door. Visit ReadyRefesh to get your water delivered.

Deals do come around every once in a while to help our fans stay refreshed. Be sure to keep an eye out for local circulars and on store shelves.


Believe it or not, we add bubbles to our natural spring water by dissolving carbon dioxide gas at a low concentration (but you probably should believe it, because it’s true!).

Nope, they’re both great! The adult human body is made up of roughly 60% water, so it’s important to replenish water that is lost naturally throughout the day as we sweat, visit the restroom and even breathe. All water — still or sparkling —  can help you maintain a proper balance and does so without providing extra calories or added sugar. It’s a great idea to make it your first choice for daily hydration.

You bet! We just add carbonation to our natural spring water.

No, we add the carbonation after we source our spring water. We think it’s a great addition to that spring water taste our fans know and love.

We don’t have sparkling water in cans, but we do offer sparkling water in bottles. You can find them in .5 L and 1 L sizes and in the following bubbly flavors: Original, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Black Cherry and Raspberry Lime.

When it comes to the Ice Mountain family, we don’t play favorites. We love all our flavors equally. But we want to hear your opinion — try them out and let us know what you think!

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water is available in 14 flavors including Triple Berry, Zesty Lime, and Black Cherry. Learn more about our sparkling water flavors

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water is made with real spring water, real fruit flavors, and the addition of refreshing bubbles. It is free of calories, sugars, sweeteners, and colors.